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Subject: Chen Pan Ling Ba Gua Intro Workshop in Athens, GA This Weekend!

Bagua workshop @ Roots Farm this Saturday, April 25, 3-5pm. Intro level, all welcome.

This came together at the last minute so I’m getting the word out a little late. If you are in the
Athens area and have been wanting to try out some Ba Gua, now is your chance!

We will be looking at the first four changes in the Chen Pan Ling Condensed Ba Gua System. Most of
the time will be spent on introduction to the forms and proper circling, but we will also touch on
basic application of the forms. These forms are very adaptable to different ability levels and are
comparatively easy to learn, so no one should fear that the material will go over their heads.

Conversely, the accomplished martial artist can use these forms to quickly integrate Ba Gua methods
and strategies into their existing practice.

Sorry again for the late notice, and I hope to see some new faces as well as old friends there!

For more info call 678-999-6436 or email
For more info on the martial art of Ba Gua Zhang, and other offerings of PATHS, check out the
website at

Location: Athens, GA, USA
By northwind on Wednesday Apr 22 2009 05:36 PM

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