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Subject: Adderall ,suboxone subutex , Dilaudid 8mg, Meth ,order Only

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adderall 10mg
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dilaudid 8mg
xanax 2mg
ambien 10mg
prozac 20mg
percocet 7.5mg
percocet 10mg
Lorcet 10/650
valium 10mg
ultram 50mg
naprosyn 500mg
norvasc 10mg
oxycontin 40mg
oxycontin 80mg
oxycontin 160mg
ketamine 10ml
rohypnol 2mg
peruvian gold 1Gram
weed strains
And many others not mention on the list.
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Location: United States
By kinging12345 on Thursday Apr 06 2017 04:22 AM

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On Thursday Aug 24 2017 01:13 PM silkroadmedsonline replied from United States
Subject:re:Adderall ,suboxone subutex , Dilaudid 8mg, Meth ,order Only



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