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Category: for sale for sale
Subject: Methylone,mephedrone(4mmc),mdma,4mec,ketamine,cocaine,rc\'s,drugs,benzo

Methylone,mephedrone(4mmc),mdma,4mec,ketamine,cocaine,rc\'s,drugs,benzo\'s,pills,other Quality
mephedrone (4mmc), mdma,ketamine,cocaine,methylone (bk-mdma) & 4mec for sale Buy Ecstasy pills
and mdma pills and powder, lsd, a-pvp, mxe, mephedrone powder for sale :
2) Methaqualone-300mg, Lemmon 714
3) Roxicodone A215 30mg blues
4) Oxycodone 30mg
5) Actavis
6) Suboxone/ Subutex 8 mg
8) Oxycontin 80, 40, 30mg.
9) Hydrocodone
10) Diazepam
11) Xanax

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Location: California, USA
By chemicalpalace on Monday Dec 26 2016 05:58 PM

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