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PC Tune-Ups: Just about every repair shop I've encountered offers some kind of "tune-up"
service that promises to improve your PC's performance by deleting temporary files, defragmenting
your hard drive, removing unused applications, running Windows Update, and (in many cases) cleaning
the Windows Registry. These services often cost $50 to $100, but generally they don't do anything
useful that you couldn't do yourself with a free download and some utilities that come with your PC.
Before you shell out a hundred bucks, think about what this service entails: Windows comes with a
utility called Disk Cleanup that will delete temporary files for you with a few measly mouse clicks.
Disk Defragmenter--another built-in Windows tool--typically runs automatically on a weekly basis,
but you can launch it yourself by going to Accessories, Utilities and clicking Defragment Disk.
Windows Update also runs automatically by default, but you can click Start, type Windows Update in
the search field, and run it yourself on command. If you have a bunch of programs you don't use,
launch the 'Programs and Features' utility from the Control Panel and weed them out by clicking on
them and selecting Uninstall from the menu above the main window. Or download Revo Uninstaller, a
proven freebie that does a bang-up job of pulling out all the detritus that Windows' uninstaller
often leaves behind. As for Registry cleaners, we recommend avoiding them entirely. Although the
premise that removing unneeded Registry entries can speed up your PC is basically sound, there's
little evidence that it works in practice, and you can easily do more harm than good when you go
mucking about in the Registry. Not counting the time you'll spend waiting for Disk Defragmenter and
Windows Update to automatically do their thing, the total amount of time a relative novice should
take to perform all these tune-up tasks is about 15 minutes. So save your money, and check out, the best site on the internet to guide you and help to give YOUR computer
a performance boost without paying for dubious services. Don’t forget to use your Discount Code
(rkis@1234) for the best rates. (

Location: Chicago, IL, USA
By arnold25 on Wednesday Feb 25 2015 11:16 AM

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