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Subject: Tips on how to setup backup and install a new hardware

Setup Services: $150 to help install this OVER THE PHONE? That's just crazy. Buying a new PC,
printer, or monitor? Most major retailers will now happily offer to take as much as $200 off your
hands to come to your house, pull the machine out of the box, plug it in, and load the setup disc
(if indeed one exists). One well-known national chain charges $150 to help you set up your new
printer over the phone. That's highway robbery. Unless you're physically unable to lift the hardware
onto your desk, don't even think about paying good money for 10 minutes of cable connecting and menu
surfing. Most new displays and printers will simply start working in Windows just moments after you
plug them in, even without installing their setup discs. And a new PC will walk you through the
registration and Internet-connection process with such careful hand-holding that it's inconceivable
you'd require a pro's help. When you buy a new PC, many stores will offer to transfer all your data
from your old machine to the new one--for as much as $100. But if you're moving from Windows XP or
Vista to Windows 7, Microsoft's free Windows Easy Transfer utility can make the job a no-brainer for
any DIYer. If a shop offers to transfer your data for less than the cost of a $20 Easy Transfer
cable, go for it. Otherwise, consider doing it at home. If you do feel like you need a hand, just
about any neighbor kid over the age of 10 will be able to do the job, and will probably accept a
10-spot for the trouble. Data Recovery: Hard drives can fail. Houses can burn down. Human error can
result in lost data. When these things happen, you may find yourself weeping over the loss of all
your digital photos, your music collection, essential business information, and more. Professional
data-recovery companies can typically get all of your lost data back for you (even from a
fire-damaged hard drive), but you can expect to pay in the thousands for the service. It may sound
like a rip-off, but these companies use advanced computer forensics systems that are wildly
expensive in their own right and require deep technical expertise that you won't find at the tech
shop down the street. The best way to avoid finding yourself at the mercy of data-recovery services
is to back up your PC often, using a cloud-based service such as BackBlaze, Mozy, or Trend Micro
SafeSync. By frequently backing up to a remote service, you'll always have a recent copy of all your
data in a secure location. If your hard drive fails, your computer burns up in a fire, or someone
runs off with your laptop, you can get every bit of data back all by yourself. Compared with the
cost of professional data recovery, $60 a year for online backup is a bargain. Let us help you in
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By shalini on Wednesday Jan 21 2015 11:15 AM

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