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What is MoMingle? is a place for people to post location-based messages on a map. You can post to mingle, rant or rave about anything. You can post to find someone to have a drink, play golf or watch movies with. You can post to recycle or sell your old stuff or find a job. We don't really care how you use it as long as it is legal, won't harm anyone and is not spam. is not a social networking site. You probably won't be able to connect with your old friends here. You might find some new friends here but we don't promise that either. is not a microblogging site. Posting your status every 5 minutes in this site is probably not a good use of this site.

Terms of use

You are free to use as long as you don't hold us accountable for anything. It means that you use it at your own risk. You also agree that whatever you post is not illegal and it won't do anyone any harm and it is not spam. You aslo agree that you (the author) are responsible for what you post. We ( are not responsible for what you post. We reserve the right to remove any message that you posted or to remove your user account completely if we found you have violated our policy. Note: we will hire a lawyer to write the terms of use in the future if we actually make some money.


We only store your login, password and email after you created your account. We will not share this information with anyone unless there is a court order. We will never ask you to give out any other personal information. If you get an email from us asking you for your personal information, it is not from us and you should ignore it. It is not a good idea to post your private information on any post or public reply. It means that it is not a good idea to post your real name, email, address, phone number, age, bank account number, your mother's name, your pet's name, etc. When you post a message, please don't use the exact location of your home address or work address unless you want some weirdo who lives in the basement with his mother knocking on your door. You don't have to specify the street number or even street name in the location field if you dont' want to.

How do you make money?

We are waiting for some sucker to buy us out for one million dollars. Are you a sucker with one million dollars to throw away? Yes

Who are you?

We are nobody. We don't exist in real world. There is no "We". "We" exist only in the cyberspace.

Why did you create this website? Aren't there a million websites like this one out there already?

We created it because we can and we thought it might be fun and useful to other people. Counting websites and categorizing them is not our hobby. Developing useless websites is our hobby. We don't know how many websites like this one out there and we don't really care.

How can I contact you?

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